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Neuter Your Cat for a Fiver

31 March 2016
If you are on a low income and live in the catchment area for our branch (CB6 & CB7 postcodes), you can have your cat neutered for £5. Please contact us for more details, either via this website or on 699430.

Neutering your cat has many advantages. Here is why it is worthwhile doing:

For a male cat, it will mean that he is less likely to wander looking for girls and will stay closer to home. A neutered boy will be less inclined to fight with other males, which in turn means no injuries and infections from cat bites and less of a chance of contracting FIV and FeLV. FIV (feline AIDS) and FeLV (feline leukemia virus) are also spread by sexual contact. And last but not least, unlike entire males, a neutered male cat does not smell bad, will not get sticky, oily fur (stud tail) and will not spray or soil in and around the house.

Neutering a female cat will mean no unwanted litters of kittens and none of the complications that can arise as a result of pregnancy and birth. A neutered female will not call constantly (be in heat), not lose condition as a result of the hormonal cycle and will have a much more settled temperament than an entire girl. Neutering reduces the risk of her contracting FIV and FeLV through sexual contact, eliminates entirely the risk of pyometra - an infection of the womb which can be fatal if not treated quickly enough, and greatly reduces the risk of mammary i.e. breast cancers.

Most importantly, a neutered cat is a healthy, happy and settled cat.