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Success Story - Cyril and Tigger

24 October 2018
Success Story - Cyril and Tigger Having lost my dear old cat in 2016, I swore to myself I would not have another one - the sadness was overwhelming. Three months later I found myself looking at the Ely & District Cats Protection website. Once I saw these two  (Cyril and Tigger) I was hooked and could not bear to think of them without a home or being split up. 

I had no problem with them being older having just lost a 19 year cat - seniors have such character.

They were nervous at first and are still wary of strangers but almost a year on they are both very chatty and affectionate. It has been lovely watching them enjoy the garden even though they have stolen the human deckchairs.

It has taken patience and understanding to gain their trust but we have got there and they are so worthwhile.

Linda from Ely.